Instant Pushing Type Pneumatic Fittings

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Quickest and Easiest Assembly and Disassembly
    To assemble tubing into the PUSH-TO-LOCK Fittings, just push the tubing into fitting upto the bottom and leakproof connection is made.
 Disassembly is achieved by pushing release collar. This disengages the gripper collet and allows the tubing to be pulled out. It's that simple.
Push --- it's connected; push/pull --- it's disconnected.

 No Tubing Twist
    The gripper collet and tubing are free to rotate within the fitting body. If the tube is rotated, it will not twist or weaken.

Swing Clearance Problems Eliminated
    Elbows and tees are available with an integral swivel at the male pipe end. This allows the pipe thread to be tightened without rotating the elbow or tee. It also permits the pipe thread to be tightened without worry about where the other end of the fitting will point, as it can be rotated into position after the pipe thread is tight.

Material of Construction
Body : Brass
Collet : Spring Steel [S.S.]
Seal : Nitrile Rubber / Viton for higher temperature.
Teflon pre-coated male taper threads

Working Pressure and Temperature Ranges
    Zero to 60oC at up to 10 Bar. Vacuum applications are dependent upon temperature and type of tubing being used.

1. Compressed air lines on pneumatic circuits in any industry.
2. Fuel lines in Automobile industry.
3. Centralised lubrication systems.
4. For conveying any gas or liquid.

Recommended Tubing
   Suitable tubing material : Nylon 6, Nylon 11, Polyethylene, Polyurethane.
Recommended Tolerance on O.D. of tube. 0.1 mm.

Assembly Instructions
    Cut Nylon, Polyurethane and Polyethylene tubing squarely using Pioneer SQUARE CUT  tube cutter. Metal tubing should be cut squarely and be free of burrs. Insert end of tubing until it bottoms in fitting. Depressing the release button allows the tubing to be removed.

Ordering Information
    To Order, simply specify catalogue number for configuration and size desired.

6mm tube X 1/4" B.S.P. Male connection code No. P 2006
  _______________ Brand of fittings (Push-To-lock)
  |   _____________ Thread Size
  |  |  ____________ Type of fitting
  |  |  |   ___________Pipe Size
  |  |  |   |
 P 2 0 06

Sizes & Pipe Threads
Tube Sized  : 4MM to 12MM
Thread Type : 1/8" to 1/2" B.S.P.
Metric fittings are also available.

Marketing and Technical Services
Wide Dealer network will assist you in selecting the most appropriate fittings and tubing for your application, and also make them available to you whenever your need arises. Ongoing Research and Development constantly striving to improve the product to meet more stringent conditions. (Hence product compositions and specifications may change periodically)

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