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For Connecting
  Cut the tube for required length by tube cutter and push the tube on the core of the fitting and tighten the nut by hand.
For Disconnecting
  Loose the nut and pull tube out.
No Tools Needed for Tubing Installation
  No wrenches, haring tools, benders or other tools are used for tube installation.
Reduce Installation Time and Labour Cost
  AIR-O-FIT Fittings offer a minimum of 36% saving in installation time, compared to regular compression type fittings.

Excellent Holding Power

  The AIR-O-FIT fittings when assembled finger tight on polyethylene or P.V.C. tubing will hold the burst pressure of the tubing itself.

Pipe Swivel Possible

  By loosing nut slightly pipe can be swivel on its own by 3600 as per required direction.

  Elbows and Tees : Brass Forging (as per B.S.218) / Aluminium / Acetal copolymer (Celcon).
  Connectors         : Unions / Female Studs : Stress relieved brass bar stock ( as per B.S. 249) / Aluminium / Acetal Copolymer (Celcon)

Pipe Thread
  British standard pipe threads (Parallel).  Also available MM threads on 4mm OD tube fitting

Operating Medium

  Compressed air, light gases, water, lubricating oil.

Working Pressure

  Vacuum to 10 Bar (depend upon bursting pressure of tube).

Working Temperature

  10o C to + 45o C (For Polyethylene tubing)
  10o C to + 60o C (For Polyurethane tubing)
  10o C to + 80oC  (For Nylon tubing)

Ordering Information

  To order, simply specify catalogue number for configuration and size desired.


  6mm tube X 1/4" B.S.P. Male connection Code No. A 2006
  _______________ Brand of fittings (AIR-O-FIT)
  |   _____________ Thread Size
  |  |  ____________ Type of fitting
  |  |  |   ___________Pipe Size
 A2 0 06

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