PIONEER Check Valves are specially designed & manufactured for flow control of fluids and gases in corrosive & hazardous environment. These valves are used in Process control, instrumentation and flow control applications.

Valves are precision machined with designer durability and maximum efficiency to provide high quality  and  low  cost alternatives  in  fluid  and  gaseous  control  systems  of  different applications, to meet the exact standards of our customers growing demands.

Available in High Grade Stainless Steel, Bass materials
Variety of end connections includes Male / Female threaded NPT, BSP, BSPT, ISO, DIN and JIS tapered pipe ends.
100% factory tested for both crack & reseal
Complete Heat Traceability
Pressure / Temperature Ratings
  Pressure Rating
  316SS 1/8 to 3/4"- 5000 psig CWP (345 bar)
1 3000 psig CWP (207 bar)
Brass 1/8 to 1 3000 psig CWP (207 bar)
  Working Temperatures
  Viton seal -15 F to 375 F (-26C to 190C)
Fluorocarbon Rubber -15 F to 400 F (-26C to 204C)
Buna N Rubbe -30 F to 275 F (-34C to 135C)
Neoprene Rubber -45 F to 250 F (-43C to 121C)
1.078 to 0.656 (2.0 mm to 16.7 mm)
Cv Factor
0.18 to 6.56
Working-Choice of fixed pressure cracking points from 1/3 to 25 psi (.02 to 1.75 bar ) or as per customers requirements. Valves may initially crack at higher than subsequent cracking pressure if are not actuated for a period of time.
Data Sheet
End Connections
Model No
Female x Female PCV-X-S-FF
Male x Male PCV-X-S-MM

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